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Network diagnostic tools 1.0

Network diagnostic tools 1.0: Network Diagnostic Tools are client server programs for network configuration diagnostic tools on a single and easy-to-use interface. Designed from first-hand experience, the tool allows businesses to more effectively combat network downtime by allowing network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to more accurately isolate faults, simplify processing of diagnostic data and increase internal network security. Features of the tool for the network diagnostic tools: - Displays system IP addresses and MAC

AT Electronics 4.1: Automotive electronic systems simulation and diagnostic training program
AT Electronics 4.1

Diagnostic Software: This is INTERACTIVE software that is a fascinating way to learn about automotive electronics and diagnostics. Its all to do with... INPUTS - CONTROL - OUTPUTS The main AT program is a combination of Electronics and Diagnostics. Learn how complex systems work AND how to diagnose faults with them. The program concentrates on engine management but other systems are included. A MultiScope program is also part of the package and will

automotive, diagnostics, engine, fuel injection, simulation, automobile

PsychFormatica 1.0: PsychFormatica provides a DSM IV codes fully searchable database.
PsychFormatica 1.0

Diagnostic criteria have been included in the DSM because their provision has been shown to increase diagnostic agreement. It is important to understand that the appropriate use of the diagnostic criteria requires clinical training and that they cannot be simply applied in a cookbook fashion.The primary purpose of the DSM is to facilitate communication among mental health professionals. The diagnostic terms in the manual provide a convenient shorthand

mental disorders, mediformatica, psychiatry, psychformatica, disease, classification, dsm iv, international

Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM 1.0: Very easy to study and grasp four diagnostic methods of TCM.
Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM 1.0

diagnostic methods, namely, inspection, listening and smelling, inquiring and palpation. Four diagnostic methods are the four approaches to understand the pathological conditions. As human body is an organic entity, its regional pathological changes may affect the whole body, and the pathological changes of the internal organs may manifest themselves on the body surface. By making analysis and synthesis of the pathological conditions formed by applying

pathological, listening, tongue, inquiring, treatment, chinese, smelling, diagnostic, medicine, inspection

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SANDRA Standard 2002.68.97

SANDRA (System Analyzer Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is a set of system diagnostic and benchmarking tools designed to help you keep your computer running at peak performance. It provides diagnostic, benchmarking, and performance tune-ups for different hardware devices and subsystems, including CPUs, modems, BIOS, drives, graphic cards, and DOS and Windows memory.

reporting, windows, sandra, diagnostic utility, speed, diagnostic, computer, optimize, benchmark, analyzer, sisoft, utility

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ErrorSmart - Error Smart PC Diagnostics 3.4

Advanced Diagnostics and Repair Technology ErrorSmart uses the industry`s most advanced diagnostic and error repair technology. In a few short minutes, our software can scan your entire hard drive and quickly diagnose what`s causing your PC complications. Once ErrorSmart has analyzed your PC and located the root of the problems, it goes to work correcting those problems, leaving you with a computer that performs perfectly.

compression, diagnostics, errors, defragmentation, registry, repair, performance

CD/DVD Diagnostic 3.1: Analyzes and recovers data from CDs, DVDs, BD
CD/DVD Diagnostic 3.1

Examines, analyzes and recovers data from CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray (recordable) discs. Originally known as CD-R Diagnostic, this product has been helping users with optical media since 1997. Supports all types of discs, regardless of content. CD/DVD Diagnostic examines discs, determines if there are problems and bypasses them. Will read Macintosh discs on Windows.

analyze disc, data recovery, photo recovery, video recovery

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